Respect for people and our planet. This principle underlies our business practices and we expect the companies we do business with to apply the same principle. Intel is working to continuously improve transparency and promote corporate responsibility throughout the global electronics supply chain.

Intel is moving to the Ariba Network*

Intel is transitioning to the Ariba Network* to provide a more efficient, easy-to-use collaboration platform for its inbound supply chain.

Transacting electronically on the Ariba Network will soon be a standard part of doing business with Intel.

Intel will be migrating suppliers to the Ariba Network over the next year. Intel will begin the onboarding process for each supplier by sending a Project Notification Letter (see a sample PNL) with instructions about how to register on the Ariba Network and connect to Intel. Until you receive that Project Notification Letter, continue to use WebSuite on

See information about the transition, FAQs, samples of communication, and Ariba resources at

We are committed to environmental and social sustainability that does not end with the innovation inside our walls. It extends to our entire global supply chain to the people and organizations we choose to do business with. We actively seek suppliers who continuously work to improve transparency, promote corporate responsibility, and support diversity.

View our video to learn more about Conflict Minerals and Intel’s goal to become DRC Conflict Free reflected in our Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy. Intel�s supply chain expectations concerning conflict free minerals are available here.


Implementation of Split VAT Mechanism in Romania effective March 1, 2018
Romania Split VAT Mechanism has been implemented effective March 1, 2018. Supplier located in Romania that opted for or are eligible in the mechanism will need to update their RON currency VAT bank account in Intel’s Enterprise Supplier Data (ESD) system.

Important Changes to Malaysian Withholding Tax (“WHT”) Legislation
Please be informed of the following changes to Malaysian Withholding Tax (“WHT”) regulations with effect from December 28, 2018:-

Category Before Before December 28, 2018 On or after December 28, 2018 General WHT Rate*
Technical service fees (essentially covers most types of services, including, marketing, consulting, legal, etc.) WHT is only applicable for technical services (all service except administrative in nature) rendered in Malaysia WHT is applicable for all services rendered in Malaysia excluding freight charges 10%

* WHT rate could be reduced based on the Double Taxation Agreement (“DTA”)

Updated Payment Terms
Standard payment terms of Net 90 Days now apply to new purchase orders, except orders with other contracted payment terms or orders under regulatory requirements. If shorter payment terms are desired, Intel offers prompt payment within 10 days in exchange for a 2% discount from the total invoice. Another option for suppliers is Intel’s Early Pay program, a great option to improve your working capital efficiency. Thank you for doing business with us – we value your partnership. Should you need anything else, contact us through