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Payment Information

Through the following links you can learn about the payment terms that Intel uses, Intel's preferred payment method, and track the status of a payment.

Payment Terms:     Details on the timeline in which payments are made by Intel.

Preferred Payment Method:     Intel's preferred payment method and how to register for it.

Tracking Payment Status
Ariba Network Transactions - You may access Ariba Network through this link, where you find the status of invoices and payments using the dashboard views and search features. Ariba Network is designed for efficient, easy-to-use tools for searching for invoices and payments, as well as running reports utilizing various criteria.
WebSuite Transactions - Intel Payment Tracker enables suppliers to run reports of invoice and payment status by check number, invoice number, PO number, and payment due-date range.

Bank Charges
• Definition - Bank processing fees charged by the bank to their customer in lieu of the services provided, eg. wire transfer fees
• Intel standard payment practice, bank charges will be shared between Intel & their vendors.
• Intel will absorb payer bank charges. Suppliers should absorb their intermediary & payee/beneficiary bank's charges, and should not bill-back Intel.
• Bank charges amount vary, depending on the payment method and respective payee banks.