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The supplier information and tax forms located on this page are intended for:
   -  New suppliers who have been contacted by Intel and invited to become a supplier
   -  Existing suppliers who wish to update their information

The information provided will be entered into Intelís supplier database in order to create or update your bank and tax details. This will allow for supplier payment, and will keep Intel in compliance with Tax regulations. Intel is committed to respecting your privacy. For more information on Intelís personal information handling practices, please visit

Capital Equipment Acceptance Certificate (Applicable for all sites):   Capital Acceptance Certificate

Supplier Information Forms
These forms replace the old bank/EFT Forms globally and Supplier Address and Name Change Forms.


Brazil & Portugal


France, Belgium, & Luxembourg

Germany & Austria





LAR (except Brazil) & Spain


Russia, Ukraine, & Kazakhstan



Withholding Tax Forms







Other Tax Forms

W-9 Form
W-9 Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. When completed, either fax the form to "Attn: 1099 Administrator" at (971) 215-3081 or scan and email the form to the 1099 Administrator.

W-8BEN-E (Entities) or W-8BEN (Individuals)
This form should be used by non-US suppliers providing services on US soil to US Intel companies. This form is valid with a foreign taxpayer identification number (TIN) in Box 9 and a US TIN is not required. If the supplier only provides goods or all services are provided on foreign (non-US) soil, then this form is not required and no US withholding tax will be deducted.

Form 8802: Application for United States Residency Certification
This form is used to request Form 6166, a letter of U.S. residency certification for purposes of claiming benefits under an income tax treaty or VAT exemption. It is only used by U.S. based suppliers who provide a service to a Mexico legal entity. Additional information about the form can be found in the Form 8802 Instructions.

India GST Tax Form

Israel Tax Questionnaire

PRC Non-RMB Service Invoice:

PRC Web Service Invoice Handbook
For help submitting a PRC Web Service Invoice, please use the PRC Web Service Invoice Handbook. This document will walk you through the different fields that need to be populated in the Web Service Invoice.

PRC Statement Letter Of Service Details   (For suppliers that are NOT able to submit Web Invoices)
For help filling out the PRC Statement Letter of Service Details, please use the PRC Service Letter Handbook. This document will walk you through the different fields that need to be populated in the Service Letter.

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