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Catalog Information

A catalog is an online, electronic repository of a company's products or services. Intel currently supports two types of catalog design: External or Internal.

B2Bi Tools

Business to business (B2B) is a business process where data is sent or received automatically into a company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Intel currently uses two B2B tools for automation.

Intel File Transfer System

The Intel File Transfer System (FTS) is an Intel-owned and maintained service that is used to facilitate the transfer of files between Intel business groups and other companies. FTS is the Intel corporate solution for automated "machine-to-machine" file transfers.

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration is a web application that enhances the way we manage our team business. It acts primarily as a shared drive with 24x7 internal and external edit capability with additional collaboration features such as team discussions, polls, lists, calendaring, access control and notifications.

Web Application List

This link will take you to a listing and description of all of Intel's currently available tools.

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