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Corporate Values

Intelís rapid growth has come principally from the technical innovations that have opened new markets and from the efforts of our employees. Some of the philosophies that have driven Intel have evolved into distinct result-oriented culture guided by our Corporate Values.

Customer Orientation

Collaborations with our customers and suppliers are essential to our mutual success. We strive to:

  • Listen and respond to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations
  • Deliver innovative and competitive products and services
  • Make it easy to work with us
  • Be vendor of choice


The complexity of our work and our tough business environment demand a high degree of discipline and cooperation. We strive to:

  • Conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.
  • Ensure a safe, clean, and injury-free workplace
  • Make and meet commitments
  • Properly plan, fund and staff projects
  • Pay attention to detail


Our business requires continuous improvement of our performance to our Mission and Values. We strive to:

  • Achieve the highest standards of excellence
  • Do the right things right
  • Continuously learn, develop and improve
  • Take pride in our work

Risk Taking

To maintain our innovative environment, we strive to:

  • Foster innovation and creative thinking
  • Embrace change and challenge the status quo
  • Listen to all ideas and viewpoints
  • Learn from our successes and mistakes
  • Encourage and reward informed risk taking

Great Place To Work

A productive and challenging work environment is key to our success. We strive to:

  • Be open and direct
  • Promote a challenging work environment that develops our workforce
  • Work as a team with respect and trust for each other
  • Recognize and reward accomplishments
  • Manage performance fairly and firmly
  • Be an asset to our communities worldwide

Results Oriented

We are results oriented. We strive to :

  • Set challenging and competitive goals
  • Focus on output
  • Assume responsibility
  • Constructively confront and solve problems
  • Execute flawlessly

These values are deeply ingrained in Intel's operating methods, management structure and processes.

Purchasing's Strategic Objectives

Intelís purchasing organization is the focal point for all contacts with suppliers concerning the commitment of company funds for materials and services. It is instrumental in establishing and managing effective supplier relationships. It is Purchasingís responsibility to locate and maintain the best source of supply. Our mutual success depends on every supplier supporting us in achieving the following strategic objectives:

Total Quality

  • In order to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction worldwide, our focus must be on continuous improvement in the quality of all products, processes and services. Intel and its suppliers must strive to examine and improve all of the systems by which we get things done. By making our suppliers an integral part of our overall quality process, we can build better products right from the start.
  • In order to improve product cost and performance, Intel and its suppliers must consider all factors, which combined make up the true value of the materials, equipment, and services being purchased. Joint efforts to identify value and maximize results are the basis for intelligent buying decisions and will ensure higher quality at lower total cost.

Supplier Collaboration

  • Intelís success in achieving Total Quality depends on viewing suppliers as a valuable extension of our own business. Our goal in purchasing is to build long-term business relationships with a select group of suppliers who share our total quality vision by consistently delivering the highest quality products and services. Ultimately, this focus means selecting fewer, higher quality suppliers.


  • Suppliers must be responsive to the rapid changes in design and manufacturing strategies. Reducing the time it takes to deliver materials and services to our manufacturing facilities helps to bring Intel products to market sooner and to reduce inventory exposure for both Intel and our suppliers. The speed of technological changes drives our need for reduced cycle times, shorter lead-times, 100% defect-free materials, and on-time delivery.
Key Policies

Purchasing is chartered with full responsibility for the procurement of goods and services and to conduct all purchasing negotiations with suppliers. Therefore, large or small, we need your interest and support in meeting the following policies and procedures:

Contract management

It's our general requirement that we use Intel standard contract management process and Intel standard agreementsí templates when contracting to our suppliers. Any change of standard process or agreement form is subject to Intel purchasing and legal review and may take additional time and joint effort. Using third partyís contract template is undesirable and laborious for Intel and is subject to additional Intel legal expertise.

Intellectual Property

Intel respects the intellectual property rights of others-business associates, suppliers, and competitors alike.

  1. Confidential Information. Intel is committed to the protection of supplierís confidential information and insists on the same dedication to protection of Intelís disclosed confidential information. Furthermore, it is a requirement that Intelís mutually protective Corporate Nondisclosure Agreement be signed by the supplier and Intel before the disclosure or exchange of any confidential information takes place. When disclose or exchange any confidential information to Intel please mark it as a supplierís Ďconfidentialí or Ďcommercial secretí information as required to be on the safe side.
  2. IP Indemnity policy. When Intel sells products, it provides indemnity against third party intellectual property claims. Conversely, when Intel is the customer, it requires supplier infringement indemnification against intellectual property rights claimed by third parties.
  3. IP transfer. With regard to transfer of some specific IP objects (patents, licenses, know-how etc) the additional documents or actions may be required to execute or perform so Intel has a right to request such a guarantee from a supplier to execute those.


Purchasing will conduct itself ethically and fairly in relation to the suppliers with whom Intel does business. Supplier code of conduct training is available via our supplier training link.


Intel personnel and members of their families worldwide are prohibited from accepting gifts or gratuities of any form from current or potential suppliers. Acceptance of such offerings may be interpreted as an attempt to improperly influence decisions. Unsolicited advertising or promotional items with logos are acceptable as long as their value is less than $25.00.


While Intel may sell its products to its suppliers, it is against Intel policy to require a supplier to purchase our products as a condition for Intel doing business with that supplier.


Intel maintains a strict policy that neither party may use the otherís name in advertisements, press releases, design win announcements, or business level disclosure without prior written notice by a Vice President of Materials.

Small and Minority Suppliers

Intel appreciates the valuable contributions made by small, disadvantaged, and women-owned businesses. Therefore, a good faith effort is made to allow qualified small and minority businesses the maximum practicable opportunity to receive a fair share of Intelís business.

Controlled Substances

To ensure a drug and risk free environment, suppliers are required to support Intelís policy which prohibits the use, sale, or possession of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages on Intel premises or work areas.

Environment, Health and Safety

Intel expects suppliers to understand and fully comply with all applicable international, national, state and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, all environmental, health and safety (EHS) and related laws and regulations. In addition, suppliers must agree to abide by all Intel rules, including but not limited to, all applicable EHS policies, procedures and guidelines. Further, to the extent that suppliers obtain, use, handle, or transport and hazardous materials (as defined by any law, standard or practice) on Intelís property or to perform work for Intel, suppliers must warrant that they understand the nature and hazards associated with the use, handling and transportation of any such materials. Suppliers also must (i) agree to be fully responsible and indemnify Intel for any liability resulting from the use, handling or transportation of hazardous materials by suppliers or their contractors, and (ii) have in place decision, management, control and continuous improvement systems to effectively manage the product safety of such materials.

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