GOVERNANCE - At Intel, we take our social governance practices very seriously


At Intel, we take our social governance practices very seriously, and frequently evolve our policies to make sure the highest standards are met.

Business Continuity

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Supply chain interruptions can happen anywhere, anytime. A robust business continuity plan can help a company prepare for the unexpected and minimize the impact of business disruptions. Intel expects all our suppliers to be prepared with a plan. Learn more about our best known methods to address this issue.

Contingent Workforce

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Intel meets our strategic objectives through our own employees performing work central to our core businesses. When necessary, we also contract with suppliers whose workers may be required to support an Intel account and/or perform services on or outside of our premises. Our philosophy is not to use our contingent workforce to meet Intel’s long-term core business needs. Review Intel's policy concerning our contingent workforce.


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Intel’s Core Business Philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism. We expect all employees and suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct and ethical expectations, regardless of local business practices or social customs. Learn about Intel's expectations regarding ethics and how to report an ethics issue.

Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct

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The Responsible Business Alliance(RBA) promotes an industry code of conduct for global electronics supply chains to ensure safe and healthy working conditions, human rights, high ethical standards, and environmental responsibility. Learn more about our efforts to ensure all suppliers comply with the EICC Code of Conduct.

Supplier Policies

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Intel holds the many suppliers with whom we do business accountable for operating with the same high standards that we expect of ourselves and to adhere to Intel’s policies referenced in the terms of our agreements.

Supplier Quality

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To encourage the drive for excellence, each year we recognize our top suppliers for their products, materials, capital equipment, services, and business practices. Learn more about our Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Program and awards.