ENVIRONMENTAL - Working to create a better tomorrow today


Working to create a better tomorrow today

Intel strives to create products that consume less energy, take less water to build, and use fewer materials like lead and halogens. We require our suppliers to do the same. Suppliers will be required to report their environmental footprint reduction efforts focusing on water, carbon emissions, and waste. In 2012, suppliers will align with Intel’s Tick Tock Model, a timeline designed to deliver ongoing innovation.

Product Compliance

Product Compliance >

Intel, its suppliers and outsourced manufacturers, must comply to various regulations of substances which are known to be hazardous or are of high concern. Suppliers are required to provide disclosure statements for such substances used in the manufacture of, and/or that are contained in, electronic products and components incorporated into product that Intel sells, including packaging items. Learn more about Intel’s policy and product content information.


Construction >

Find important guides and checklists for construction suppliers, including Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) minimum performance requirements, contractor safety, training, ethics, and other contract templates (for Intel suppliers only).

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety >

Intel expects all suppliers to maintain an injury-free, incident-free, and environmentally friendly job site. View our requirements and standards outlining environmental health and safety for suppliers and contractors.

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement >

Environmental sustainability is an increasing focus in the semiconductor industry. Learn about the role of our suppliers and the preferred products designed and produced to minimize environmental impact.