PFI Equipment Safety
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Env Health and Safety Separator
Equipment Suppliers
EHS Minimum Performance Requirements for FSE's
This support document to the CPA clarifies Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Performance Requirements that apply to all Intel Fab Equipment Suppliers worldwide. This document helps ensure capital equipment services are managed using a documented and consistent EHS Standard resulting in improved overall EHS performance.

Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

Environmental Product Content Specification (18-1201)

Field Service Engineer EHs Program Evaluation

Process Equipment Safety
  • Equipment Procurement Information
    This section contains Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) forms/templates that equipment suppliers are to complete as part of Intel's overall equipment procurement process.
  • Useful Information
    This section contains documents that may be useful to the equipment supplier in better understanding Intel's equipment safety requirements. Information is included pertaining to safety warning labels, product safety notices (PSNs), exhaust ventilation design, and specifications for stairs, step stools, and platforms.

  • Environmental Forms
    Decon-CUDL Form
    CUDL is an abbreviation for Chemicals Used/Decontamination Label. The purpose of the CUDL form is to communicate what chemicals the item was exposed to, decontamination status and remaining hazards to future handlers.

    Design for the environment
    Chemical selection guidelines

    EHS Requirements for New Facilities Equipment

    Facilities Equipment Procurement Forms