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Env Health and Safety Separator
Construction Suppliers Intel Construction EHS Manual
This manual contains Intel Projects EHS Processes and Procedures and Intel’s minimum Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Performance Expectations of construction contractors working on Intel sites. Revision 9: Updated August 2014.

Intel Corporate Services Construction Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Minimum Performance Requirements
(Revision 7: Updated July 2013). This document outlines the specific elements for Construction Project EHS expectations at Intel and includes the requirement to use the Contractor Safety Assessment Program for contractor qualification.

Intel Corporate Services Construction CSC Impact Prevention Minimum Performance Requirements
   This document contains contractor requirements around impact mitigation during construction to help avoid impacts to production in operating facilities and factories.

CS Suppliers Global Sustaining Supplier EHS minimum Performance requirements (MPR)
(Revision 3: Updated June 2013). This document outlines the specific elements for sustaining Suppliers EHS expectations at Intel.”

Equipment Suppliers

Material Suppliers

Supplier EHS IP Management System (SEIMS) Application

Escorted Guest Workers