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Business Continuity
Characteristics of a Mature BC Program
  • Ensure senior management supports the BC program and that appropriate management review and corporate governance mechanisms exist.
  • Know, and have documented, business processes/functions that are "critical" to your company, as well as the next criticality level of processes.
  • Have documented the components that make/support these processes to an "appropriate" level of detail to ensure single points of failure can be identified.
  • Understand and prioritize what risks are possible and the likelihood for them happening. This includes understanding business impacts, taking steps to reduce risks and ensuring that changes to your business are reflected in the BC program.
  • Have documented and current BC plans in place to provide an effective crisis response and ensure that critical operations continue to be operational during a crisis.
  • Make available all necessary documentation to the people who need it and maintain it so that it can be summarized and rolled up as necessary.
  • Exercise and drill to ensure the completeness of the plans, and to prepare the organization to perform effectively during a crisis.
  • Be able to confidently answer "Yes" when asked if everything reasonable and prudent has been done to be able to respond and recover from an emergency.