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Early Pay Program

Intel has partnered with C2FO to let you request early payment of approved invoices through the secure C2FO marketplace.

With the Early Pay Program, you can offer a discount rate for accelerated payment on your approved invoices. For a small discount, you can receive early payment directly from Intel to improve your cash flow at rates that are often less than the cost of borrowing short-term working capital. When your early payment offer is accepted, Intel will queue discounted invoices for immediate payment utilizing the exsiting payment process.

  • Provides an additional working capital funding option at competitive rates
  • Lowers days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Allows you to schedule receipt of early payment to optimize cash flow
  • Eliminates paperwork and contracts with on-demand access
  • Creates visibility to approved invoices in a secure online environment

While we believe the Early Pay Program is a great option to improve your working capital efficiency, the final decision whether to use C2FO is yours. There is no obligation to participate in this program and no cost to activate your C2FO account.

Once your company has registered with C2FO, Intel requests that you work with C2FO to keep your cash management contact information up to date.

The C2FO support team is available to help you at or by calling 1-844-805-8527. For more information, visit


Read the July 2016 letter from Jackie Sturm, VP of Intel's Global Sourcing Management, introducing the Intel Early Pay Program.

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