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Ronler Acres Accessing courses

Ronler Acres uses the Intel Learning Network to house the Orientation courses.

You must register to track your course completions. Instructions are below. Print your course completions and bring them with you to Ronler Acres.

Click here to begin.

Step 1: You must register.

If you do not register, we will be unable to give you credit for completing your coursework.

Do not try to logon unless you have previously registered.


Step 2: Assign your username and password. Complete all fields (image not shown)

If possible use LastnameFirstname as your user name.

Click the "Next" button to continue.

Step 3: Complete the personal Demographics.

Anything with a * has to be filled in. (screen shot not shown) Click the next button to continue.
Use your real name. If you don't you will not receive credit for courses.

Step 4: Select the Ronler Acre Training Community.

Deselect Intel Learning Network

Select Ronler Acres Training

If you do Not do this you will Not be able to access the coursework.

Click here to begin. Questions - Contact Patty McKay at
Intel - 503-613-3865