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Env Health and Safety

Material Supplier EHS Resources
[Training] Supplier EHS Expectations Training (PDF)

The purpose of this training is to inform materials suppliers of Intelís EHS Requirements for procured materials used at Intel Please schedule this training with your Intel contact.

[Tool] Material Selection Guidelines6/18/2009

This guideline can be used to help suppliers select materials that may have the least regulatory impact

Questions or comments should be directed to
Steve Brown at 503-613-3156.

[Requirement/Tool] Supplier Regulatory Declaration Requirements for Chemical Substances

Intel, as a downstream user of chemicals, needs to ensure that each substance within every chemical product meets the regulatory requirements of the country of use. Each supplier is expected to fulfill all of the regulatory requirements as required by each country specific law.

The following duties are examples of these requirements and must be completed by the supplier/manufacturer and/or legal entity for each substance. In some instances you will be asked to provide documentation that these have been completed.

  • Ensure each substance is pre-registered, registered, notified as required in country shipped to
  • Ensure all substances have US TSCA Pre-manufacture Notice (PMN) or applicable exemption and justification.
  • Ensure any substance attached to a US EPA SNUR Ėis compliant with the SNUR
  • Provide compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and container labels in each native language of country shipped to
  • Ensure any Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) listed substance have the appropriate permits to distribute and compliance is met
  • Ensure Department of Homeland Security (DHS) facility Site Security Plan (SSP) approved, and any requests of Intel communicated for any listed substance
Change Management

SDS Updates - Change to Existing, Already Approved Safety Data Sheets (SDSs): Please send updated SDSís to with the attached SDS submission form

Chemical Container Label Updates

  • Please complete a Level 5 White Paper through, Obtain white paper from your Intel supplier contact.
[Permit] Oregon Permit to Import Ethyl/Grain Alcohol

Questions or comments should be directed to Ben Ng at 971-214-1406.

Supply Chain EHS Policies, Specifications & Permits

[Policy] Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy

Intel’s Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy documents our recognition of the issue associated with conflict minerals and communicates our expectations for our suppliers in establishing a DRC conflict free supply chain. The supplier expectations identified in the policy apply to all Intel suppliers who use any of the metals (tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold) in their products or materials they supply to Intel. Intel suppliers should have a conflict minerals sourcing policy as well as exercise due diligence on their supply chains to support establishing DRC conflict free materials supplied to Intel. Intel’s Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy is available as a template for our suppliers. Our Conflict Minerals White paper describes what Intel is doing to address the issue and can be found at Intel’s Conflict Minerals Program website.

Environmental Product Content Specification (18-1201) Intel’s expectations for its suppliers as related to conflict minerals.

Questions or comments should be directed to Bryan Fiereck at 971-214-5704.

[Requirement/Tool] GHS White Paper Template
GHS (United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals)

Questions or comments should be directed to Dawn Granuke at 503-613-3156.
[Requirement/Tool] SDS Submission Form

SDS updates sent with chemical shipments are NOT updated in Intelís SDS management system. All suppliers should submit SDS updates with a completed submission form to the Intel MSDS email address below.

Questions or comments should be directed to

[Specification] Environmental Product Content Specification 18-1201

(Updated 4/2014 ) This specification identifies substances that should not be contained in or are required to be reported on for materials, parts, components or products supplied to Intel.

Questions or comments should be directed to
[Tool] SEIMS Supplier Enivronmental Health and Safety Intellectual Property Management System

This is a database tool that allows suppliers to securely upload detailed chemical information directly to Intel’s EHS personnel, as requested for facilities design, waste management, and engineering controls development. Please see this separate page if requested by Intel to begin using the SEIMS application.

Questions or comments should be directed to Bob Leet
at 503-613-8667 or Steve Brown at 503-613-9571.