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About the SQA Health Assessment Application: 
This web site enables supplier access to Intel GSC audit results to post and check the status of any gap closing actions due to findings, and view SQA summary reports.

About the SQA Health Index (SQA HI): 
The SQA HI is used to apply a standard value to an individual supplier’s SQA HA status. The SQA HI is directly measured from the SQA Health Assessment.

Scoring: Supplier is assigned an SQA HI score as below...
  • Zero:Supplier not yet audited, or the minimum number of assessed elements is not met
  • One:Supplier has a minimum score of 1 in any one of the elements
  • Two:Supplier has a minimum score of 2 in any one of the elements
  • Three:Supplier has a minimum score of 3 in any one of the elements
  • Four:Supplier has a minimum score of 4 in any one of the elements
  • Five:Supplier has a minimum score of 5 in any one of the elements
  • Six:All SQA elements at score of 6

The minimum Supplier SQA Goal is defined and communicated through the SQA checklist; the minimum score for individual elements may vary by GSC organization.

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