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Intel® Web Suite Overview

Web PO

Consignment PO’s from the new ERP system display as “Pay on consumption” in the header Type field.   Consignment PO’s from the legacy ERP system will continue to display a Type value of “Consigned order”.  Users can distinguish transactions from the new ERP system because they are placed against supplier numbers starting with “1” as seen in the WebPO Inbox.

Incoterms and shipping conditions will now be specified (and may be different) at the line level.

Unit Price on the PO line will now display up to seven decimal places of precision with suppression of trailing zeros.  Decimal places are will be suppressed in the Inbox PO amount and in the Detail screen’s Requested Line Amt and Total Purchase Order Value for non-decimal currencies (e.g., Japanese Yen).

Web Forecast

The Web Forecast Inbox and Search screens may now display multiple open ARM schedule agreements for the same combination of product / supplier / ship-to location.

Web Invoice

Down Payment requests will now be created by Intel procurement for suppliers from all countries except China, Viet Nam, India and Israel.  Down Payment request information will be displayed in line level texts in WebPO. Suppliers from China, Viet Nam, India and Israel should contact their Intel procurement representative for the process to submit hard copy invoices.  The Down Payment Request functionality in WebInvoice has been disabled.

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